How Much Have YOU Paid in Photo Radar Tickets?

For Only $29.99 You Can Eliminate SPEED and RED LIGHT Tickets From Arriving in Your Mailbox!

Tired of the “cash-grab” known as photo radar?  Hate checking your mail only to be surprised with a pricey ticket for something you were completely unaware of doing?  Never experience this again after purchasing and installing the ANTI PHOTO RADAR CLUB!

The average photo radar ticket can cost you between $150 and $300!  For only a $29.99 investment you can …..

STOP Photo Radar in its Tracks ….
With our Patented Photo Radar BLOCKER!

DON’T RISK ANOTHER EXPENSIVE PHOTO RADAR OR RED LIGHT TICKET!  Purchase the Anti Photo Radar Club today and drive without fear of photo radar and red light cameras.

Simple Yet COMPLETELY EFFECTIVE Against Photo Radar – Here’s How It Works:

Photo radar devices operate on a 20 degree camera angle.  This is true for both speeding situations as well as red light intersections.  When your motor vehicle passes by and violates a photo radar “speeding” device or goes through an intersection controlled by a photo radar ” red light “camera device, only a portion of your license plate is captured and photographed. The photo radar blocker prevents the last digit (numbers or letters) from being photographed.

photo radar angle








This prevents your entire license plate from being captured by a photo radar camera – making it impossible for the enforcement of the traffic tickets.

 Why Purchase The Anti Photo Radar Club?

  • It is a simple 2-piece design
  • Made of rugged polypropylene plastic - durable for life
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Can be painted to match any vehicle color
  • Fits ANY size licence plate in the world
  • Effectively BLOCKS the last digit of your license plate
  • Licence plate remains 100% visible from the rear
  • Protects and keeps your licence plate clean from dirt, dust, snow and debris
  • Can save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in fines!



Buy yours today and STOP worrying about those expensive photo radar tickets!  For only $29.99 plus shipping and handling you can eliminate the fear of photo radar and red light tickets completely!

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